6 Games To Make At The Virtual Baby Shower

That every baby shower needs games to make the day more fun is no secret to anyone. They are essential even baby showers that are performed virtually. Bingo, stop, quiz… There are many games that can be adapted for this moment. Therefore, we list some games for virtual baby shower . Check out:

What’s in the baby’s roomEach virtual guest has to match the items and whoever matches the most can win a prize. How or when it will be delivered, you can follow the same line of reasoning as the party favors.

Baby bingo!

There are several sites with bingo cards to print or fill in virtually. Submit these sites and ask everyone to follow while you take out the numbers. Whoever completes the table first, wins!

Hit the belly circumference!

Each guest makes a guess and then you and your partner measure with a tape measure to see who got it right.

Baby Stop!

Everyone in your household takes out a paper and a pen. Determine a time of two minutes and during that time, the guests must write all the words related, for example, to the baby’s universe.

Famous moms!

Everyone tries to guess in the shortest possible time the names of celebrities who are mothers. Whoever gets more names right, wins.


Organize questions about yourself and your partner for guests to answer. It can be about personal life, childhood, work, the relationship of the two. Whoever gets the most answers wins.

Did you like the tips? Tell us about your virtual baby shower! And don’t forget, this is your day and nothing can get in the way!